Monday, March 29, 2010

Over 450 listings on Etsy!

Wow! I just noticed that I now have over 450 items in my Etsy shop! Some of these are repeats, but still that is a lot of beads. And yet it is only a small fraction of my collection. I am going to work at getting more of my beads into my shop.

I've made great progress at moving beads from eBay to Etsy - I am hoping to finish with this project by the end of the week. While working on the transfer, I have found some beads that I thought I had sold out of but still have a few of. It is funny to see my reaction when I find them - you'd think I had ran into an old friend. If you are into beads like I am you probably understand.

I have to go & see if I can get to 500!

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