Tuesday, November 3, 2009

OMG!! Where did October go?

How the heck is it November??

Well one thing is for sure I didn't get a lot done with my beads during the past month. Ebay changes made me stop & think about how I want to list on that site & where I want to list which beads. I have deleted some listings & recreated others... frankly, this is the part of selling on-line that I hate. I like playing with the beads. Taking the photos, coming up with descriptions, selling them and corresponding with the artists that buy vintage beads. My goal for November is to spend more time listing beads - I still have a ton of listings that I need to change on eBay, but more importantly I have some amazing beads that aren't doing anyone any good sitting in my office. Gotta get those listed. Hopefully at the end of November I will be able to look back with more pride in my accomplishments than I can for October.

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