Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I get excited about thinking where my beads are from (as I like to say, most of them are from 'long ago & far away'). I totally love the process of finding NOS vintage beads. These are beads that have sat in warehouses for decades waiting for me to find them. I love people (especially older people) & I have met some of the most interesting people while buying and selling beads. I get excited from where my beads will go & what they will become. Every so often some one will show me some great piece that they have made with my beads & it makes me so happy. I've even bought finished pieces made from beads that I sold. I love the feeling of being able to point people in the direction of the supplies that I don't have but may know someone who does have. Basically, I like the feeling of helping people create little pieces of art.

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