Sunday, August 9, 2009

First Post

Wow! Things are happening today!

A couple of days ago I sent a request to join Etsy's Supply Street Team knowing that there was a waiting list. This morning I got a nice message from the leader of that team, Carla (, she loves my shop & put it at the top of the list. All I have to do is add the Team ESST to my listings. Of course, I have over 300 listings on Etsy, but it shouldn't take me too long.

I decided that since I was going to be editing my listings anyways, this would be a good time for me to start the blog that I have been thinking about for so long. Ta-da! Here it is! I'll add this site to my Etsy listings at the same time.

My bead goals for this week are to edit at least 75% of my Etsy listings, change my eBay promo box (since my 'dog days of summer sale' ends late tonight), take photos of the beads that I have already sorted & counted, and if at all possible list some of these 'new to shop/store' on either eBay or Etsy.

The challenge will be to find bead time this week - it is my son's last week of summer vacation. He still needs school clothes & some supplies and his birthday is on Friday. I need and want to spend some quality time with my kids before our insane fall schedule starts. Of course, my son doesn't think that uniform shopping qualifies as quality together time.

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