Thursday, May 6, 2010

ESST Team Member - Beadbrats

The next stop on our Etsy Supply Street Team tour is where Marie has a great selection of vintage beads. Of course, I would prefer you buy from me, but let's be honest here - I have what I have (well and tons more beads that I need to do something with). I would rather see you buy a bead that you love from someone like Marie, who loves vintage beads than someone that doesn't really 'get' vintage beads.

'Get vintage beads?' you ask. OK, brace yourself here comes one of my vents. Vintage means old, generally 50-100 years old. I go crazy when I see vendors selling vintage beads and vintage style beads. Vintage style beads are new beads that are made to look old - which is fine if that is what you are looking for. But generally you should not be paying vintage prices for vintage style.

In my mind, vintage beads are little treasures. Mine come from long ago & far away. They have spent decades in warehouses, factories &/or shops just waiting for me to find them. Sometimes I will find a bunch of a particular bead several places. Other times I will find a hand full & never see that type again. My rule for vintage beads is if you love it because you may never see another again. Have I bought beads & found them somewhere else sure, sometimes even for much cheaper than I paid. But the beads that haunt me are the ones that I either didn't buy or didn't buy more of.

Go check out Marie's great vintage beads & add her as a favorite - I did long ago.

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