Monday, April 19, 2010

Etsy Supply Street Team Member - Evarose1900

The next stop on our Etsy Supply Street Team tour is - me! Evarose1900 offers a wide assortment of vintage beads, most of which are Lucite/plastic/acrylic. I have tons of bead that are just waiting to be added to my shop & try to add items regularly.

Here is the story of the name Evarose1900:

Eva was my great grandmother & due to age & location when I was little I was the only great-grandchild lived near her. I loved spending time with her. Eva grew up on a farm in Indiana & married a man who became a teacher. They moved to Ohio. Her husband died young, but Eva saw one of his students become the first man on the moon & my best birthday party ever (Neil Armstrong's homecoming parade in Wapak was on my 7th birthday). Eva was a kind church lady with a strong can-do spirit. Until shortly before her death (in her mid 80's) she was 'helping the old folks' in town, mostly making food & driving them to the store and church. When I was tiny she was the best smelling thing I could think of & I never left her house hungry or sad.

Rose was my maternal grandmother's middle name. Loretta Rose Link, what a lovely name. We seriously considered giving our daughter the middle name Rose, but decided that since her first name was from her fathers paternal grandmother - her middle name should be from my paternal grandmother. Like Eva, Loretta was a church going lady - but totally different. While Eva's family name was (and still is) listed as a founding member of the church & there is a hall named for Eva & her husband - Loretta quietly took her 7 children to the local catholic church & raised them the best she knew how. Loretta's house always seemed to be full of people (usually grandchildren) & Saturday night mass was my only time alone with her. Many years I asked for one of her German chocolate cakes for my birthday & she taught me the wonders of apple pie for breakfast. She was strong, but sweet.

Both Eva & Loretta Rose got to live through exciting times - the 20th century...the 1900's. I like to think that my beads & the finished art that they become in the hand's of people like you, represent the strong feminine ever changing style of Eva, Loretta Rose and the 1900's.

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