Thursday, April 22, 2010

Etsy Supply Street Team Member - CarDonCreativeDesign

The next stop on our Etsy Supply Street Team tour is CarDonCreativeDesign has a very wide selection of all kinds of supplies for jewerly making & mixed media art -everything from instruction books to findings to gems. I love the variety. Also I like how Carla & Donna are a mother-daughter combo that have been working together since 2005 & have been on Etsy since 2007.

Seeing all of the great items in Carla & Donna's shops makes me think about something I heard recently about how you can keep your mind healthy as you age. One scientist said that it is important to use your mind for something that is difficult regularly. She mentioned that crossword puzzles & sudoku are great, but the important thing is recall & problem solving. Well - I HATE crossword puzzles and sudoku. But I started thinking and I have decided that crafting counts as a anti-aging brain exercise.

Stay with me here... If you want to create something crafty you are solving a problem. Most crafts involve some memory and math skills. And if you are anything like me, when you get about 75% done with the craft you will have a whole new set of problems to solve. So if you want to stay mentally fit pick up a craft - preferably something that you haven't done in a while.

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